Meet the Team: Stephanie Harrison

Stephanie Harrison is a familiar name to many of our client schools. Having joined Schools Advisory Service fourteen years ago, she has seen her role within the company grow and is now Manager of the Claims Team. Here we talk to Stephanie about her work, how our support for schools is changing and developing, and a little bit about her own time at school!

What does the Claims Manager role involve?

I oversee a team of ten staff, all responding to our client schools and individuals who contact us to make a claim. It is a busy role, but also very rewarding because we are at the forefront of supporting school leaders and individuals at what can be a very challenging and disruptive time for them. Also, things never stand still within our team and I’m responsible for leading changes within our department. We’re currently making some changes to the claims section of the website to make it easier for schools to use.

What are the highlights of your career at Schools Advisory Service involved so far?

I joined the company fourteen years ago and we’ve come a long way in that time. Initially we worked with hundreds of schools, now we have over 3,500 client schools and it’s great to work with new people all the time. It’s also been great to see and play a part in a change of culture across schools in terms of staff absence and wellbeing. Today, schools are generally much more focused on preventing staff absence and making sure that staff wellbeing is high on their agenda. Many of our services – from physiotherapy to stress counselling and the Lifestyle Health Screening for staff – have helped school leaders to make that a reality.

Who was your favourite teacher at school?

A lady called Miss Lowndes, who was my English teacher at secondary school. She encouraged us to be creative and loved her subject. She was also able to relate to us as teenagers and make the subject relevant to our everyday lives – an inspiration.

We’re at the beginning of a new academic year, what plan does the claims team have for this year?

We’re currently in the process of making some changes to our website so that it is more user friendly for schools. We’ve listened to feedback on the site and the changes will make it easier to report claims, to update staff lists and to add school holiday dates. The main aim is to save school leaders as much time as possible and make the process as efficient as it can be. We’re aiming to have the updates in place by early 2015 and we’ll share more information with schools in the months ahead.

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