Multi-Academy Trusts

Economies of Scale for Groups of Academies whilst retaining complete flexibility and choice for each individual Academy.

Whilst all Academies are committed to providing the best education for their pupils and supporting their local communities at SAS we know all MATs are different and the difference however subtle is what SAS have the capacity to support through its Bespoke Policy Design, at SAS the answer to any request is always YES. The challenge is to deliver YES within current budget constraints, this is where SAS offer True Value offering with almost 20 years’ experience in delivering Budget Protection with tangible Staff Support Packages.

Whatever shape or size of MAT, SAS will offer a solution that rewards Academies working together to achieve best value & economies of scale with both a bespoke & sustainable service offer.

At SAS we know education is changing & our clients need to be supported & that’s why we focus on the Customer Relationship Contract approach.

We understand that the future is difficult to predict but we do know we will be constantly updating our services to meet customer needs & exceed expectations, it not what we do that matters it’s what we do that makes a difference – that’s what matters to our customers & why over 3500 Schools & Academies say YES to SAS.

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Exclusively Education

As we deal exclusively in the education sector we offer a range of insurance products and services that have been specifically designed for schools and academies. These are explored fully on this site, but if you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us to discuss them further, or 01773 814400.

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