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Only available with SAS policies

Staff Absence Insurance Only available with SAS policies

High score awarded on CPC framework

Multi-Year policy options for budget certainty

Dedicated, in-house nurse team

A+ rated insurer based in the UK to ensure financial security

Special NASBM membership rates

Multi-Academy Trust Policy options & discounts

Your claims

Online claims reporting portal & document upload system

Experienced, in-house claims team

No restrictions to stress related absences due to Ofsted ratings

Maternity Benefit not affected if staff reduce hours or leave employment

No proof of cover required for claims

Standard Cover in all Policies

Bereavement Cover (no excess applied)

Stranded staff Cover (no excess applied)

Trade Union Duties Cover (no excess applied)

Suspension Cover

Jury service & full stress Cover

Staff covered up to 75 years of age

Optional Cover

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave options are available

Excess Period ranging from 0 to 30 days

Daily benefit can cover up to £300 per day

Any staff category can be insured

Stress Cover can be limited to 0, 30, 60 or 90 days

Cover for pre-existing conditions & pre-planned operations (Policy Plus)

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For staff to access directly

Medical Cover For staff to access directly

Physiotherapy Service:

Faster than an NHS referral, staff placed within a week

Local physiotherapists

Condition doesn’t have to be work-related

All payments made by SAS

Stress Counselling Service:

A bespoke service to support staff with stress caused by work, bereavement or personal circumstances

Local counsellors

Face to face or phone support

Confidential service

Relationship Counselling:

Available for staff members & their spouse/live-in-partner

Face to face or phone support

Weight Watchers membership package:

12-week free membership

Available to staff over a fixed BMI

Menopause Support Service:

Free support through Simply Hormones

For school to access for staff

Health Screening Day with nurse:

15 minutes per staff member

Blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer awareness, height & weight, urinalysis, diet, excersise & lifestyle advice

Stress Awareness Session in School:

Interactive workshop ideal for 20 staff and conducted by a qualified professional

Ways to identify & deal with stress

Nurse Absence Support Service:

In-house nurses will contact schools to discuss useful well-being services for absent insured staff

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Only available with SAS policies

Well-being Cover Only available with SAS policies

GP Video Consultation Service:

To reduce absences due to attending GP appointments

A video consultation which connects users with a GP

Flexibility of a pre-planned appointment to fit around work

Can provide prescriptions and in some cases deliver medicines

24 Hour GP Helpline:

Available 365 days a year

Speak to a qualified GP directly

To provide advice and support

Private Medical Operations:

To reduce long NHS waiting lists

At a local private hospital of your choice

Over 200 non-emergency conditions covered

5 most common procedures

  • Gynaecological
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Cataracts
  • Gall Bladder Removal
  • Hernias

Cancer & Chronic Illness Support Service:

Support available from our experienced nurse team

Complementary therapies to assist in relieving symptoms associated with diagnosed conditions

Sign posting for spouse/partner, parents/parents-in-law & children

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