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SAS awarded the highest score for the best cover via the first UK schools Staff
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Medical Cover - Rehab

The only Staff Absence & Maternity Insurance provider who pays for Private Medical/Hospital treatment. 1 million since 2015 supporting staff to return to health and work quicker with 10,000 physio sessions in 2016. Meeting DfE, Ofsted & EFA duty of care requirements for schools and academies

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Staff Absence & Maternity Insurance

Important notice for school business managers, headteachers, principals, governors and trustees - SAS cover voted the best cover via CPC and therefore aligning policy cover to DfE and EFA. Effective & Efficient financial support relating to full stress cover, maternity and multi year policies.

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Wellbeing Support - Prehab

The only Staff Absence & Maternity provider who pays for nurse support services, school health and wellbeing visits, stress risk management sessions and full range counselling services including face to face counselling (30% of staff with access to the services took no time off work) SAS wellbeing services assist schools and academies with DfE and HSE mental wellbeing requirements.

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